"Thank you for picking me ahead of the rest!"

Meet Vasek:
Janitor. His job was and remains the cleanliness of the onstage areas, but due to the sad reality of the situation, he is also an actor. We apologize to our patrons in advance for any problems.

What I like about America:
"Mostly I like peoples. All so nice when come see Bubalaires. Maybe you come see too. Always good when come see Bubalaires to bring food for to eat. I be glad to hold sausages or cheese you bring during show. Mmmm, sausages. Make me hungry to think. That is why I love America. I go now."

What are your hobbies being:
"Too busy for sport or passing of time. Need to work for make stage clean. If not work, not to eat at dinner. Mmmm, dinner. Make me hungry to think. I go now."

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