Now we will share with you our internet experiences, whether good or bad, so you can think the same. Visit these links with caution, for Webbing and all kinds of internet dangers await the unprepared. Not to be alarmist, but just a word to the wise is sufficient, yes?


MANY FACES OF BUBA! The tendrils of BubaCorp stretch out across the world!


  • Vote for Garner! The Bubalaires are not political, but Garner St. James is a special exception!
  • Impro Theatre. Great improvisors in the style of classic writers! Howls of literary laughter!
  • Planet Proctor. Where Mr. Phil collects his thoughts and shares them with all!
  • Gary Austin Homepage. Always special thanking for Mr. Gary Austin!
  • The Death Clock. Check to make sure you have sufficient time left in your earthly sojourn to once more see the Bubalaires!
  • Ukulele Lesson. You need not excuse yourself from show-biz expertise. If you have fingers sufficient for four strings, you too can join the brotherhood of Ukeists!
  • Bill Gates Net Worth Page -- Keep up-to-the-second insofar as the personal wealth of William Gates, owner of the American corporation most like Buba!
  • International Chindogu Society -- Is where BubaCorp gets many ideas for useful products!
  • Translations Galore! Now you need not be crippled by having only English as a language skill!
  • The Firesign Theatre -- Although the Bubalaires understand little of the multi-layered cultural references, we are crazy for the puns!
  • The Antaeus Company! Los Angeles' version of the Art Theatre of Czezno-Kocheski. Go see them!

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