So here it is, the Commonwealth-renowned Bubalaires troupe, having much history to share. Come take a look at this exciting journey, as we will too many times again:

There is always fun for all at the TRADITIONAL CAST PARTY, often following opening night, where many traditional customs are observed.
FRONT ROW: Little Natasha, Little Zina, Little Brzovch, Little Osskrski, Little Olga. SECOND ROW: Natalya Ptrjvich, Hansha Petrovna, Ivan Petrovna, Vanya Zrbridfkski, Viktor Walvivich, Nikolai Dathurtzovich, Devrushka (Devvie) Trydisonna, Maya Shaddupski, Jaya Shaddupski, Tatyana Thtop. THIRD ROW: Svetlana Gimmedatovich, Valera Tisdrjfski, Ira Miscowrz, Havel Haloderz, Patya Mrzxdhjrk, Jane Smith, Marta Yorkdnz, Nadia Skolwicxz. FOURTH ROW: Vasek Eyemhungryvich, Petr Dontryareadis, Shvoder Ooftavich, Malek Waddawannaheerovich, Simply Tiko, Sergei Howareyaski.

"HELP US, OR WE ARE NO MORE." The the Art Theatre Collective of Czezno-Kocheski lost its financial support from government, this show was thrown together at last minute to raise money. Fortunately, BuBa, creator of all synthetic goods and products in our country, stepped in with modest sums and lots of conditional contracts. Bubalaires were born!

In modern times, young BUBALAIRES-TO-BE go through a gruelling course of training which includes balancing practice and tag-team smoking.

The BUBALAIRES YOUTH ENSEMBLE was created to present touring shows which are both educational and enjoyable. In this scene the young performers implore the math-impaired Czezno-Kocheskian people to learn the difference between odd and even numbers and not to snicker at the word "interger."

At rehearsal for "We All Sit on Square Wooden Stools," representatives of the BuBa Corporation choose an opportune time to check on Bubalaires' progress. Since taking over the sponsorship of the Art Theatre Collective of Czezno-Kocheski, BuBa has willingly lent a watchful eye to the content of Bubalaires productions and made many helpful creative suggestions.

The "TRIANGLE OF SMILES," representing here the joy of the Czezno-Kocheskian people! Boris Xzerdforlich is all smiles himself as he is surrounded by a bevy of beauties. Darya Purtanferkldjfski caused a sensation in "The Girl With the Flower By the Wall" when she appeared in scandalous raised-heel shoes. The Czezno-Kocheski Ministry of Proper Foot Attire closed down the show, thus ending her brief career.

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