"My modesty of your selection is overwhelming!"

Meet Hansha:
Recently returned from University to join her father (Ivan) in the family business. Hansha intended to be a stage mechanic, but is now also an actress.

What I like about America:
"I luv the meny stors and all peepull hoo smyl and are so veree nise. I like also Makdonalds feesh filay and french friys. I luv all big cars and musik reelly good."

What are your hobbies being:
"Painting, making pot holders, playing piano, making sailboat origami, and playing drums on back of pots. If you are very bord or mad one day it is good to do Hansha's "Mayking drum on Pots." I like to take two maybe three pots and two woodin spoons -- put pots around me cross-legged and mayk drums with wooden spoon on pots. It is very fun an helthee. I sing sumtiym too."

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