Our Glorious Genesis

The BuBa Corporation is proud to be providing services, products, production services and service-producing products to the people of Czezno-Kocheski, Central Europe, the Common Market, and now the United States of America!

But who is BuBa? And how did It begin? And what are Its future plans for total world domination, if any?

We who are BuBa are merely human people like yourselves, except we are a forward-thinking, tomorrow-focused win-at-any-fiscally-responsibly-costs company whose fine products are enthusiastically made by the unstinting toil and conformative thinking of Czeznovian citizens from age six to eighty! But this was not always how things were situated.

Prior to 1989, all products, services and citizens of the People's Republic of Czezno-Kocheski were owned by the government. Yet all around us were the Eastern Bloc nations falling away from the ideals of Marxistism, primarily because of finding out they did not work. And so the masses of the peoples of Czeznovia wanted to not be left out in the cold alone. Hey, we told ourselves, what are we, Roumania? Not in a way!

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And so the democraticizing was off and running, and soon we were the proud citizens of the United Autonomous Republics of Czeznovia and Kocheskistan (yet still we refer to ourselves as Czezno-Kocheski, since we are used to it and we have many millions of pieces of stationery and warehouses full of envelopes to use up).

But fearing the economic chaos which so befell other democratated ex-people's republics, the executive officers of the previous government legally turned over all industries, businesses, bureauacracies and service providers to the newly created BuBa Corporation! Then these forward-thinking men and women (although there were not actually any women as such among them) agreed to serve as the Board of Directors of BuBaCorp, International! Good for them!

So now the peoples of our country no longer bow beneath the heavy hand of a repressive totalitarian regime. No indeed! Now we all work for BuBa! And wise and considerate BuBa, after exhausting market analysis and careful interpretation of research data, tells us all exactly what to do: What to make, how to make it, what color to paint it, and how much wasteful packaging to surround it with!

Our electricity is provided by Bubatronics Energy Corp. Our food is grown by BuBa Produce Combine Trust. Our clothing is manufactured by United Colors of Bubbaton (there are two Colors, slate blue and ash gray). Whatever it is we need, a subsidiary of BubaCorp provides it, and if it does not provide it, than obviously we did not truly need it!

Now the BuBa Corporation stretches out its hand to America. We know that once you savvy American peoples see our many fine BuBa products, you too will want to become part of the BuBa Family, Consumers of the world, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your savings accounts! But what's to worry? In return you will enjoy the many fine products, services, service products and production services provided by your friend, your loving bigger brother, BuBa!

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